Family Law

After studying psychology in college and having gone through a divorce myself, I decided that I wanted to help families in NWA who were experiencing the pain and frustration associated with divorce and domestic cases. By the time you decide to call an attorney, I understand that you have hit a point of what feels like an overwhelming amount of questions and concerns. I have helped many individuals in their family law cases. I was once a single mom and I understand how emotionally charged the issues can be. I am empathetic and sensitive to these feelings that you may be experiencing. Sometimes, the situations and circumstances leading to divorce or custody battles involve other issues such as protection orders and paternity suits. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, moms and dads in these family law cases. I have handled everything from simple uncontested divorces to complex cases involving change in custody and contempt issues. My focus is on zealously advocating for my client and their best interests, and counseling them through these stressful situations. 


While in law school, I worked in the legal clinic and handled Chapter 7 cases from filing to discharge. I firmly believe in the fresh start that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer individuals who are drowning in debt, most often through no fault of your own. The three most common reasons that people file for bankruptcy are medical bills, being laid off and divorce. Sometimes it feels impossible to pay off the debt with the interest rates and late fees. You end up just turning off your phone to avoid the collection calls. Then, your worst fear happens-you end up getting sued for the debt and losing a chunk of your paycheck to garnishments. I would like to meet with you to explain how the process works from a legal standpoint and help you decide if bankruptcy is right for your situation. 


Adopting a child, whether locally or internationally, older children or newborns, can be the most exciting, yet overwhelming experience in a family's life. I have experience working with families from the first stages of home studies and placement to going to court for the entering and filing of the final decree. I have a vast understanding of the Arkansas adoption laws including the process of single parent adoptions and step-family adoptions as well. There are many children currently in foster care through DHS here in Arkansas. If you feel called or led to open your heart and home to these very special children, please view the online Heart Gallery:


Arkansas landlord/tenant laws and statutes are different from any other state in our country.  I have experience representing both landlords and tenants in disputes resulting from unpaid fees and refunds to damages and breach of lease. These issues can be complex and seem unresolvable. I can help you determine if you have a cause of action or defense under the Arkansas landlord/tenant laws. 

Personal Injury

In 2012, someone ran a red light and smashed in my driver's side rear door. Thankfully, my air bags deployed and I was wearing my seatbelt, so my injuries were minor, but the after-math of dealing with the insurance company was exhausting. They immediately want to hear your version of the accident and record the conversation, hoping to use your own account later against you when valuing your damages. It is important to immediately protect your claim. Not everyone realizes that it's possible to not only receive medical expenses and lost wages, but other special damages based on your situation and circumstances. I am experienced in handling injury and property damage cases and because I have been through the dispute and negotiation process with my own claim, I have the proficiency to handle your claim with diligence and confidence. 



Civil cases include consumer disputes, such as claims against car lots, breach of contract claims, collections of deficiencies and judgments of repossessed vehicles, just to name a few. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in these scenarios and fact patterns and understand the laws and procedures that govern these types of claims and recovery.