Personal Injury

I know what it is like to be a busy parent trying to stay on top of errands and appointments. So, when a woman decided to stir her coffee while she was driving and smash in to me, my life was put on hold for a while. I did not have a car and I missed work and school at that time. The impact affected me more than just physical pain and loss of a vehicle, my family was affected by the loss of my time and energy that was needed to do every day tasks. Luckily, the woman had insurance, but what a mess. Insurance companies are out to pay bottom dollar. You need representation from someone who has been through this personally and knows how to work towards a fair compensation for your claims. I also handle premises liability cases in which people have been injured on the property of others. Each case is different and I would like to meet with you to discuss your claim and help you on your road to recovery.